GRUPINFOR Formación&Emprego is a company that, since 2002, provides training and is collaborator and entity approved by Xunta de Galicia to manage and teach diverse professional certifications.


Aware that quality training must be linked to employability, in 2014 we get accredited to work as an Employment Agency (authorization number 1200000047) which entitles to do activities of labour intermediation with the purpose of provide unemployed people with an employment adapted to their characteristics and supply employers with the more appropriate persons to their requirements and abilities.


In collaboration with several public and private organizations, we are focused on offering quality training in response to the exigencies of a labour market that currently demands workers who can adapt to changes and thus increase the competitiveness the companies need to guarantee their chances to success.

We also teach private training for kids, adults and collectives in subjects such as: Informatics, Typewriting, English, Billing, Remedial teaching...

In addition, we offer professional translation services to companies and individuals from Galician-Spanish to English-French and vice versa, as well as renting of perfectly equipped classrooms for practical or theoretical lessons, presentations...

If you have some training necessity or you are looking for a job or for employees, we encourage you to contact us. We are sure that we will find the perfect solution to each case.