Why should you translate your texts professionally?

Foto traducciones

The image that your company projects to your potential customers determines the possibilities that they finally become or not become your customers. Your texts (website, restaurant menu...) play a crucial role when attracting customers.

We make big mistakes such as using automatic translators or resorting to any parent or employee who knows a bit about languages and translates texts word-to-word. As a result the company projects an unprofessional image which will diminish confidence and credibility and will have a negative effect on sales.

When a company pays little attention to its image and its communication with customers, actually it communicates its way of working and its professionalism.

Translating doesn’t consist in transcribing words into another language but in communicating the same idea of the original text into another language. Professional translators don’t translate words; we read the text, understand its aim, identify the target audience and rewrite it into another language keeping the same message, tone and sense than the original. In this way, the perceived image and satisfaction of your company will improve significantly and with that, the sales will improve too.

And all this for just 0.06 euro a word!! Offer quality never had been so cheap.